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20121010-110201.jpg What with restaurants such as Meat Liquor, Lucky Chip’s new enterprise and the fantastic Bear Burger street cart, London was wild for burgers when I left. Thankfully, I do love a good burger, so I was happy to hear that Melbourne is walking up the same street. First on my list was the much discussed Huxtaburger 20121010-103702.jpg After a fairly long wait to find a table of four, we managed to nap ourselves a table inside and got right down to picking our burgers. The choice is limited, in a good way. All of the traditional bases are covered. After much deliberation between the ‘Denise’ (Huxtaburger with jalapeño & sriracha mayo) and the ‘Theo’ (Huxtaburger with bacon, double pattie, double cheese and BBQ sauce), I opted for the bigger Theo and sat back to wait. 20121010-104416.jpg So, onto the burger. The burger was a decent size. A big bite, but small enough to get a chomp through the whole thing. The patties were tender and full of flavour, which combined with the bacon created a strong beefy /salty explosion. 20121010-105156.jpg The patties were thin, much like a high quality McDonald’s burger, this helps them to cook quickly and melt away in your mouth, but means they won’t be pink in the middle. They work perfectly for a burger like this. The bun was a yellowy brioche number that was toasted on the grill with a bit of olive oil. I like a toasted bun and I have a feeling it would have disintegrated in my hand if it wasn’t toasted. Overall, the burger was very high quality and I’d definitely go back to try out the Denise. My only gripe with the place was having to wait for a table, but this was soon forgotten, once I sunk my teeth into my burger. Rating: 8/10 – a bloody great burger Huxtaburgers are also available for takeout, if you live nearby I would suggest you do that and avoid waiting for a table. You can also find the guys on Twitter. Have you been yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments.