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While traveling I came across a marvelous invention – DIY candy sushi! I just had to buy it.
Basically it’s a box with many small packets of powder inside. You mix the powder with water inside the perfectly indented plastic container, which both helps you measure your candy and create realistic patterns on some of the items.
The best bit were the roe balls. This involved mixing two sachets with water separately. One was clear and the other a violent orange color. Using the dropper provided, you just drop the orange mixture into the clear one, as the balls of orange hit, they solidify into perfectly round squishy balls. Just like roe.
Overall, the taste was interesting. Not amazing, but not bad. The texture was the most exciting as the rice had a soft cotton wool consistency, while the balls actually felt just like eating roe.
I can definitely suggest you give it a go, it can be picked up on the White Rabbit Express site for about $6 plus p&p.