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I only found out about Rockwell and Sons last week thanks to this rather fantastic review. But as soon as I did, I knew I had to head down at the first opportunity.

Rockwell and Sons nailed it straight away with their awesome pig logo, and things just carried on getting better once we arrived. The menu was simple, but well formed. However I was there for one thing only, The double pattie smash burger.

Shortly after ordering, my burger arrived for me to marvel at it’s glory. There was none of that unnecessary greenery here. Just two slabs of good looking beef, smothered in singles cheese and “special sauce”. Just how I like them. The first thing to note was the soft yellowy brioche’esq bun the burger comes in. The sweetness helps to balance the flavours and the spongyness is perfect for getting a decent bite through. Thankfully it was also browned quite heavily inside, which served to hold the burger together. Something which is still surprisingly overlooked.

So, the burger itself. The patties were cooked just right, charred on the outside with a hint of pink in the middle, good tasty beef, no complaints here. The burger was a good size too, just right so you can get all of the burger joy at once. But the thing which really makes this burger stand out is the special sauce. It’s juicy in all of the right ways and complements the meat perfectly. And if that’s not enough, slices of gherkin are littered throughout the sauce. I don’t know why this isn’t the norm. It allows for every bite of burger to have at least one small slice of delicious gherkin. Perfect.

Rating: 9/10 – thanks in part to slices of gherkin heaven. Overall the burger held up amazingly and the skin on fries were a great side. I’ll soon be back to eat my way through the rest of the menu. Starting with the pork sandwich.