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This one is mostly for any Brits, however, I am a sweet freak so it won’t be the first look at Australian sweets. Musk Lollies (yep, most sweets in Australia are called Lollies, regardless of their stick status.) are a pink stick that looks like… well it doesn’t really look like any British sweet to be honest.
They come in a range of textures depending where you buy them from, however they are mostly a soft, sort of squidgy, crumbly texture that you can’t stretch, but can squeeze. The nearest thing would be those candy sticks you buy with Spider-Man on the packet. I bought these ones from Coles, but they are available in loads of different places, pretty much always home branded though.

Flavour wise, think Parma violets. But not violet flavour. They taste fragrant and kind of like male perfume. But unsurprisingly sweeter. All I know is that I can’t get enough of them.
You can buy musk flavoured lifesavers from Cyber Candy in England if you fancy giving them a go!

Do you like Musk Sticks, or can you recommend any other lollies I should try? Tell me in the comments.