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A few days ago on the Twitters there was murmurings of pizza. But not just normal pizza. Secret pizza. The best kind of pizza. So, what was the deal? Well after a cheeky Q&A with Mr. Sharky of Sharking for Chips and Drinks and then being pointed to the mysterious SecretPizzaSK. All was finally answered with two wonderful tweets explaining the deal and the menu. Short but sweet and consisting of a margarita or chipotle pulled pork. Of course that meant there was only one option for me. The pulled pork. So, we ordered and awaited the instructions to be DM’d over.
Our message contained an address and a pickup time. Somewhere near the the beach in Saint Kilda. From all intents and purposes it could have been a drug deal. We arrived and followed our noses down the path around to the back of a house. Once there, we met the lovely folk behind this hidden pizza joint. And after a lovely little chat our pizza was ready, coming out in a handy reusable stay-warm pizza sleeve. The plan was to drive home and eat, but the smell of pulled pork does strange things to a person and we ended up in a very scenic spot just next to the Yarra. The perfect place to watch people run… while gorging on pizza.The first thing to note was how big the pizza was. We were told it was to be an XL and boy did they mean it! It was huge and covered in dark, delicious smelling pulled pork (dribble, dribble). The pizza itself had a thin, very crisp base. Perfect for carrying around the sloppy topping which was layered generously across the top. It’s a fantastic specimen and exactly what I look for in a woman, I mean pizza. 20121112-230042.jpgThe real star of the show was the pulled pork. The smell was half of the battle and the taste was a whole war in itself. Tender and full of flavour it was a real treat. Pulled pork is one of my favourite treats and I’m happy to say that this was beyond what I expected. Delicious meaty tastes filled my mouth and a wave of happiness followed. This was truly something special.
Excellent meat, crispy base and wonderful smells made the first Secret Pizza night a winner in my books. The pork was wonderful and would work excellently on it’s own. I’ll be sure to go along to future events. Check them out, just don’t tell everyone!