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Smashing crabs is one of those wonderful things in life; primal and satisfying. So when I found out about Dr Juicy Jay’s Fried Chicken and Crab Shack I had to head down as soon as possible.

Crab shack Melbourne

Holed up in The Public Bar, North Melbourne, ‘The Shack’ serves a range of USA style goods from golden fried chicken, to shrimp and crab boil. It all sounds and looks great. Once arriving, I immediately ordered a range of things from the menu wanting to try as much as possible – don’t miss out on the waffle with the fried chicken.

fried chicken

The crab boil was the highlight of the menu, but mostly due to the satisfaction of cracking open the shell to dig out the delicious crab meat. The chicken was too sweet for me personally with all the syrup on it, and I can’t say that I really bought in waffle with it either.

The Shack felt pretty authentic and the venue is perfect for a place like this. Presentation, menu choices (particularly corn dogs) were all top notch and I’d definitely hit it up again for that real American taste.

Have you been down to ‘The Shack’ yet? Let me know what you thought.