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Or as Tobias Fünke would say: “who’d like a banger in the mouth?”sausageBut anyway, enough sausage jokes… One of the things I’ve missed most since moving to Australia is pork sausages. Beef ones are great and a good substitution (don’t even start on chicken sausages), but pork is the real taste of the UK.
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Luckily, farmers Stew & Lou from The Farmer’s Larder had the same thinking and did something about it. The guys produce a range of sausages and pork products with a simple goal: “Grow food that tastes great”.
sausages, englandI was lucky enough to be sent some sausages through for tasting and boy are they good. I had some Fennel and some classic British style (just what I needed).
bbqThe sausages require some low and slow cooking to be their best, so I popped them in the BBQ and left them be. After as long as I could bring myself to wait, I pulled them out and dug in. I can’t stress how good they were. The fennel sausages were soft, full flavoured and perfectly balanced with sweet, salty and bitter all happening in the right amounts. Whereas the British style sausages were a taste of childhood – perfect for any ex-pat needing a bite of England – have these with mash and gravy.

The guys must be doing something right, Top Paddock are popping their delicious pork in their menu. Head to their site if you want more info or fancy some of the best sausages you’ve ever had – I’m waiting on my first order as I write this, so watch this space for more Farmer’s Larder.

The Farmer’s Larder can be found: here, on Facebook and twitters.

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