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Pic via the fab TahiniToo blog

Cooking Lemon Curd (or Jam) is fun, tasty and very rewarding. One of the best things is that they last forever. This is thanks to the sterilisation process. Ever wondered how to do it? Well here you go:

  1. Pop some clamp top jars into a dishwasher cycle a couple of times
  2. Place the lemon curd, jam or mincemeat into the jar and seal
  3. Put them into a deep saucepan. Cover with water
  4. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes (for a 450g jar)
  5. Top up the water if necessary
  6. Take the jars out, cool and you’re done! Voila.

What’s the best preserve you’ve ever made? I’d love to see your recipe, tell me in the comments or tweet me @daveshuffles